Partially Assembled Serial Weather Kit - Kit WX #175A

Note that the WX #175 Weather Kit is a kit. No PCB is included.

However, as time permits, I can provide a limited number of partially assembled units as illustrated below. This item is identified as WX #175A (as in assembled). However, I can probably do only one each week. As of Sept 26, there is a three day backlog.

This is assembled using an PIC P28 Prototyping Board. The unit includes a 9 VDC wall power unit, a 7805 voltage regulator, a nine conductor DB9 six foot serial cable, a programmed PIC16C773 and associated 4.0 MHz crystal, an MPX4115AS (stove pipe port), and an SHT-71 relative humidity sensor on an SOIC-DIP converter. All of this is wired.

On the top there is a row of 12 screw type connectors. I have wired /RESET (blue), GRD (black) and the two runs to the DS18S20 / DS18B20 devices. The remaining eight terminals are free for you to use for your purposes. On the bottom, there is a row of eleven screw terminals. These are all unused.

I have not wired the five A/D inputs, the counter, the two TTL outputs, the two TTL outputs nor the connection to the remote SHT RH sensor. Each of these involves running a 24 awg solid wire from a terminal on the PIC to a screw terminal.

This unit is $124.95 and includes the partially wired board as shown with the programmed PIC, SHT-71 RH sesnor and MPX4115AS and connector terminals, the serial cable and a wall power unit plus two DS18B20 temperature sensors, nylon stand offs and a supply of 24 awg solid wire.

Thus, for $124.95 you have a powerful unit that measures atmospheric pressure, local relative humidity and temperature plus two external temperatures using the DS18B20s. But, you also have the processor and the screw terminals to add the counter function, up to five 10-bit A/Ds, a remote SHT relative humidity and temperature sensor, two TTL outputs and two TTL inputs by adding a few wires. Plus, you can add DS18B20 sensors, up to 32 total. And, I have every reason to believe the quality is comparable with a $1000 unit from Texas Weather.