Morgan Weather Measurement System

Note. This kit was discontinued in early 2002. This page is retained for info only.

We now have a similar far more powerful kit termed the

(Nov 26, '99). Over Thanksgiving I finally had an opportunity to examine two bugs that users had reported and they have been corrected.

If you purchased a kit from us and are having problems with these two items, please send me e-mail and your address and I will immediately mail you a replacement PIC at no charge.

This is a bit embarrassing. The weather package was developed in May and June, '98 and we tested everything and tested it again. In late June, 98 I was involved in a serious auto accident and we may not have been careful in making sure we had the latest version of the software for the PIC.

Please note that we now have a version for ham radio packet TNCs. The only difference is that at the conclusion of the transmission of the data, the system sends ctrl-c, CR, "d", CR to force a disconnect. When ordering, please let me know if you desire the "Ham" version.

This effort was staffed by students Ian Greene, Towanda Malone and H. Paul Roach. It has now been completed and is available.

Basic Kit ($39). Two temperatures (DS1820) plus two relative humidities. (The RH feature requires the Relative Humidity Kit from Fascinating Electronics which is $24.90).

Barometric Pressure Add-on ($29). Barometric Pressure plus user 12-bit A/D channel.

Wind Speed and Gust, Wind Direction and Rainfall Add-on ($25). The interfacing Anemometer ($54.90), Windvane ($47.50) and Rainfall Collector ($34.90) are available from Fascinating.

Note that features may be added with no changes in the PIC software or setting of option switches. Each feature is automatically detected by the PIC.

Packet Radio Users

If you would like the PIC to send the sequence "ctrl-C, CR, d" to force a disconnect at the conclusion of a transmission sequence, we can do this. There is no extra charge for this special feature.


Level of Difficulty in Assembly


There are some real geniuses out there!

Chuck Rice's MacMorgan

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