Serial Temperature Measurement - K Thermocouple - TM #80

Peter H. Anderson
915 Holland Road, Bel Air, MD 21014,


The TM #80 is an assembled unit which interfaces with a PC COM port to perform temperature measurements using a single K-type thermocouple. Two models are available;

The unit interfaces with a PC or similar at 9600 baud, 8 N 1. On receipt of any character from the PC, the TM #80 performs the temperature in degrees C followed by a newline.


The PCB is professionally fabricated. However, it was adapted from another design and includes hand rework.

The module includes a female DB9 connector, RS232 level shift circuitry, an on-board 5 VDC supply, a Microchip PIC processor and a three conductor screw type terminal block. There are three holes on the PCB to permit the user to mount the module in a box or on a plate. Three one-half inch spacers and associated 4-40 pan head screws are provided.

A six foot DB9 serial cable and wall power unit is provided.

The unit does not include a thermocouple cable nor thermocouple probe.

The module is 1.7 X 2.3 inches. The reference to the EEPROM in the photo was for a different design.

Please order as TM #80-128 or TM #80-700.