Obtaining Allegro Parts

A number of discussions in these manuals deal with various applications which utilize integrated circuits developed and manufactured by Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. 115 Northeast Cut Off, Box 15036, Worcester, MA 01615, Tel (508) 853-5000, FAX (508) 853-7861. Allegro doesn't have a high presence.

I know that for students, time flies by and the semester may well be over by the time they figure out where to get the parts. Thus, in preparing these manuals I have been careful to confine the discussions to inexpensive components which students may readily obtain from such vendors as BG Micro, Jameco, Circuit Specialists and DigiKey.

Allegro components which are available from Jameco include the following. The parenthetical entries are Jameco pricing in single unit quantities at the time of the printing of this manual.

     ULN2001A, Hi_V/Current Darlington Array ($0.79)
     ULN2003A, 50V/ 500 mA Darlington Array for TTL/CMOS ($0.69)
     ULN2004A, 50V/ 500 mA Darlington Array for CMOS/PMOS ($0.69)
     ULN2803A, 50V/500 mA  Darlington Array for TTL/CMOS ($1.29)

Additional Allegro components available from Circuit Specialists include;

     ULN2074B, 1.2A Quad Darlington Switch ($1.38)
     UCN4805, BIMOS Latched Decoder Driver ($4.95)
     UCN5821A, BIMOS, 8-bit Serial-in Latched Driver ($3.20)

     UGN3113U, Hall Effect Device ($0.80)

     ULN2429, Fluid Detector ($2.20)

Newark Electronics.

Many others, including a very well done Allegro catalog, may be obtained from Newark Electronics. Their main office is at 4801 North Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL 60640-4496, Tel (312) 784-5100, FAX (312) 907-5217. They should be able to refer you to a local sales branch. An alternative is to check your telephone directory for a local Newark sales branch.

Newark has a $25.00 minimum. They accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You pay shipping.

The Newark catalog is 1500 pages of gold for a student, or anyone, as it gives you a very good idea of what is available on the market. Whether you buy from Newark or not, it is a good resource. I think Newark may know this. I buy a lot of materials for my students and I had a very difficult time getting one. You might try, but don't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Therefore, I have included a page from the Newark catalog which details Allegro various integrated circuits which Newark supplies.

The following Allegro devices are specifically discussed in this manual.

     UGN3501U, Linear Output Hall Effect Sensor ($1.00)     
     UGN3503U, Ratiometeric Linea Hall Effect Sensor ($1.02)

     UCN5804B, Stepping Motor Translator Driver ($3.48)

Allegro Catalog.

Newark stocks various data books, and that page is also included in this manual.

Of particular interest is the Allegro Data Book, AMS-501, Newark 84F593, $9.95. It is an excellent resource, well worth the money.