PC Printer Port Manual - Vol 1

Peter H. Anderson, "Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition", 124 pages, Jan, 96, ISBN 0-9653357-0-4,

The manual is intended for use by an electrical engineering student who has completed introductory courses in circuit theory, digital and C programming. Although it was originally written for Morgan students, there has been a strong demand from industry, students at other schools and from hobbyists.

Ideal for senior projects and for the student who likes to tinker. I use three early vintage XTs in my home, one to control the attic fans and log temperature, another to measure temperature in all rooms and switch delivery of hot water heat to occupied rooms as necessary and another to remote ly drive a motor which tunes an antenna.

The manual illustrates how to use the printer port on any PC Clone to control motors, electro- mechanical relays, stepping motors and to acquire data using both an analog to digital converter and by measuring time.

Topics include; printer port layout and programming techniques, how to interface with a breadboard, use of a junk PC power supply to power peripheral circuits, driver circuits, Darlington transistor drivers, optoisolators, grounding considerations, expanding the input and output capability, interfacing with 7-seg LEDs, controlling the speed of a DC motor, infrared remote control, radio frequency remote control, digital to analog conversion, analog to digital conversion, acquisition of temperature data using a thermistor, forcing an interrupt, use of an interrupt to measure temperature by measuring time, use of an interrupt to determine the gravitational constant g.

In the future, this will be expanded to include such topics as range finding using sonar, interfacing with a LCD panel, speech synthesis, use of digital and linear Hall effect devices, fluid level detection, pressure transducers and the design of sensor conditioning circuitry.

My apologies for not putting this on the Web. There are dozens of hand done figures that I just do not have time to scan.

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