Havre de Grace - Tydings Memorial Park

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Feb, '99


Tydings Memorial Park, ADC Map Page 21, Coords D8. Plenty of parking is available at the "City Yacht Basin", perhaps more appropriately termed a marina.


This is a very pleasant municipal park. It certainly has a lot going for it with Chesapeake Bay to the south and east and the Susquehanna to the north east.

A new addition is the "Havre de Grace Promende", a quarter mile board walk which extends from the Park to the Concord Point Light House.

The boardwalk may be exited at the Decoy Museum, at LaFayette Street where the Maritime Museum is located and it ends at the Concord Point Lighthouse.

The light house was built in 1827 and is a bit smaller than those seen in paintings of Cape Cod. Historical markers note the sacking and burning of Havre de Grace by the British in 1813, the end of the Susquehanna River at mile 444 and the beginning of t he Bay and a rather substantial monument commemorating an address by President William Jefferson Clinton and Albert Gore on the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. This last marker really made my day, and is perhaps a glimpse into the future as town after tow n erect memorials to Clinton.

Downtown Havre de Grace

I like this town. A real town with real people of all incomes and over the decade I have lived in Harford County the downtown area has improved and is quite pleasant and the stores are actually open. There are a number of book stores, craft and antique shops and a coffee shop.

Restaraunts include MacGregors, the Crazy Swede and another down near the water behind MacGregors. MacGregors is my favorite.