Tabernacle Evangelical Church

Location. Tabernacle Road South. ADC Map Page 5, Coords G4.


Adequate parking is available at the church.

The church is a simple and yet beautiful structure which seems more reflective of New England architecture. A Cape Cod like structure with a high pitched slate roof with a triple level belfry in the front. The front steps are slate, the foundation is local field stone and the structure itself is clapboard painted white. A cornerstone notes the structure was built in 1892.

The adjacent cemetary is well maintained and as with many cemetaries in the area that have been used over an extended period of time, the stones vary in material and design. The earliest stones (1864) I noted were all slate and sadly, all children ranging in age from 1 to 16 years.

I noted two stones identifying Civil War veterans. Although they are of slightly different design, they are similar in size and smaller than most other stones in the cemetary and I assume they were provided by the US Government.

I later continued south on Tabernacle Road to Deep Run. There is no bridge here and Deep Run looked a bit too deep for me. Turning around appeared impossible and thus I painfully backed up to the church.