Sandy Hook Road at Walters Mill Road

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Feb, '99


Sandy Hook Road near Walters Mill Road. ADC Map, Page 11, Coord A7. This is a part of the Deer Creek Conservation Area administered by Harford County Parks and Recreation. The area is interesting as the creek does a near 180 turn (southeast to north we st) at this point. I assume this explains the "hook" in Sandy Hook Road.

It is not obvious that this area is accessible to the public and thus it makes for a pretty nice hike. I was prepared to be disappointed, but it tuned out to be a very pleasant walk.

From the intersection with Walters Mill Road (Kalmia Road), proceed north on Sandy Hook, past a trailer, about five utility poles to a corn field on the west side. There is very limited parking near utility pole G & E Co #838493.

Note that the conservation area appears to front on Sandy Hill Road from the wood line, north to an obvious horse pen fenced with barbed wire. It should be pretty easy to get your vehicle well off the road anywhere along this corn field.


This area is marked, "No Trespassing with Dog, Gun, Trap or Motorized Vehicle", which, in theory, rules out taking a walk with your pet.

From utility pole #838493, proceed north west across the corn field along the wood line. This is generally along Deer Creek, but separated from it by a hundred yards of woods.

The corn field opens to a second meadow which was not planted when I was there. A clear horse path leads to an obvious trail into a wooded area which climbs slightly and emerges into a long meadow.

Follow the horse trail to the far end of the meadow into the woods. Shortly thereafter the trail and the creek take a ninety degree bend to the north west. At this point there are high wooded hills on both sides of the creek. The trail appears used for horseback riding and there were signs of recent maintenance.

I stopped at this point as the day was cold and it was getting dark. However, it appears clear that one can continue on this and with perhaps some minor scrambling up the bank continue all the way to the parking area near where Sandy Hook Road crosses De er Creek at ADC page 11, A5. As the trail follows the creek down stream it would be hard to get lost. One could then return via Sandy Hill Road.