Sandy Hook Road at Deer Creek

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Feb, '99


Sandy Hook Road at a bridge across Deer Creek. ADC Map, Page 11, Coord A5. Map.

On the south side of the bridge, there is a road that appears to be a driveway to a residence and there is no evidence whatever that this is public property. However, take a look at your ADC Map book and you will see a rather large area identified as "De er Creek Conservation Area". Without the map, I would never have investigated this.

The road quickly winds off to a residence and there is an obvious parking area.


This area is used. Looking at the small parking area, it is clear this is a popular night time "romantic site". Many people seem to walk this area with their dogs, but I have never had a problem. There is also evidence of cross country bikes and small motorized vehicles, which is a mixed blessing. They do keep the trails open in what would otherwise be an overgrown flood plain.

An obvious trail proceeds up the creek, but a fair distance from it. About 1/2 mile up, there is a cut off toward the creek which appears to be a popular swimming and party area. The trail continues upstream.

However, you might note a trail that goes directly away from the creek and up the hill. You might consider taking this. The climb is steep, but worth the effort. At the summit, lo and behold, there is the creek again. In fact, the creek does a 180 deg ree turn and you have just taken a short cut.

Continue down to the creek. The trail along the creek seems to dead end at this point. Perhaps I haven't been sufficiently persistent.

Return to the swimming area via the trail along the creek.

The geology of the area is spectacular with steep to cliff like risings on the opposite side of the creek.

I haven't fully investigated this area. The area also fronts Sandy Hook Road near the intersection with Walters Mill Road. (ADC page 11, A7). I don't know anything of the parking and acessibility at that point.