Rocks State Park at Cherry Hill Road

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Feb, '99


MD State Route 24 at Cherry Hill Road. ADC Map, Page 9, Coord H4.


This is more of a nice place than a hike.

I parked near the entrance to the 4-H Camp. (Just across the Cherry Hill Bridge). There is a "No Parking" sign on the downhill side of the entrance, but more than enough room to park on the uphill side without restricting entrance to the 4-H facility.

The area between Route 24 and Deer Creek, a very narrow slice, is part of Rocks State Park. This extends from Cherry Hill Road, south for nearly 3/4 of a mile.

Deer Creek was relatively low the day I walked this and I found I was able to make considerable progress downstream by walking on substantial gravel and sand bars. When the river is high, I think it would be difficult to negotiate the puckerbrush.

Although close to the road, I found exploring the gravel near the creek and sitting near the water amidst the steep hills sloping down to the creek very peaceful.

It appears there may be a trail on the opposite side. However, this is private property.

A word of caution. Walking along Route 24 is dangerous, particularly at the hard curve near the Cherry Hill Bridge.

The bridge itself is interesting.