Parker Conservation Area, Jolly Acres Road at Deer Creek

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Mar, '99


Jolly Acres Road at the bridge across Deer Creek. ADC Map, Page 1, Coord F9.

You might first drive from the bridge north along Jolly Acres Road, up the hill and observe the yellow Harford County Signs; "No Trespassing with Dog, Trap, Gun or Motorized Vehicle" on the west side of the road to get an idea of the bounds of this parcel . At the summit, there is an assisted living facility which is not part of the area, but then further on, the signs again appear at an electrical transmission right of way.

Parking is very limited as Jolly Acres Raod is very narrow. I parked near the bridge across Deer Creek under a white pine.


This area is very lightly used. In fact, I didn't expect to find any trail whatever. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised.

I found a lightly used but good trail running upstream from the bridge. Almost immediately there are ruins. As they are in the flood plain I assume they were a part of a small mill.

An impressive outcropping of rock necessitates climbing down to the creek, across a number of boulders and then back up to the secondary flood plain. The day I was there was rainy and slippery. The rocks looked too threatening for a head first fall and I took the butt first approach.

About a hundred yards further, the trail takes another turn down to the river. I stopped at this point as it was getting dark and the creek was quite high. I don't know if the trail continues.

I was quite surprised with the flow of the creek this far upstream.

On returning, I rested on a large slab where the trail skirts the large rock outcropping and noted ruins including a fully intact chimney across the creek. On retuning to Jolly Acres Road, I hiked south, across the bridge and up the hill to these ruins. I assume it was a residence and is perhaps a good example of the "good old days" when houses were but a single small room. Much is made of mansions, but housing for the average person was certainly not what it is today.

The view from the ruins of the rock outcropping is quite impressive.

I later drove a few hundred yards north on Jolly Acres to a point where there is a gate with a threatening "No Trespassing" sign on the east side and a drainage cut on the west and parked in the cut. This is on the conservation area side of the road. I then followed an obvious woods road on foot which climbs the ridge (west) and then forks with a woods road which runs along the ridge to the south west. This was obviously excavated and I assume leads to an Evangelical Lutheran Church which appears on th e ADC map near the junction of the Plum Tree Branch with Deer Creek. I plan to return another day.

I later drove north on Jolly Acres Road and then west on Green Road to the bridge across Deer Creek to see if I could access the conservation area from the north. This doesn't appear feasible.