Harford County Hiking Notes

Recent Beaver Activity

(Oct 2, '99). Last weekend I was sitting near Deer Creek about 0.5 miles upstream from the Sandy Hook Road bridge (ADC Page 11, Coords A4). There is a long stretch of flat land close to the creek which is usually grassy, but due to the hurricane is now gravel. It's a pleasant place.

About dark, I noted a beaver swimming upstream and then floating downstream and catching the leaves on a recently downed tree. The current would eventually wash him (her) downstream and he would repeat the process. Its usual to see a beaver at anything but a distance. In this case he was about 20 feet from me.

Further upstream, at the point where a large outcropping of rock necessitates scrambling up the hill, a beaver has recently downed a substantial tree. Along the banks there are many "mud slides.

Cleaning Up

(Oct 2, '99). For the last several months I have been cleaning up the Deer Creek Conservation Area along Deer Creek, upstream from the Sandy Hook Road bridge and for the last month the area near the bridge on Forge Hill Road which is a bit more messy.

Adopt an Area! At the Sandy Hook area I simply spent a number of weekends for about an hour, raking up the glass in the area nearest the road and picking up the litter, gradually working my way from the road up the trail until the bag was full. Now all that is required is a "policing hike" every other week or so. There is a certain pride in noting the cleanliness of the areas and I have to assume other people seeing me are being a bit more conscious of their litter and many are now cleaning up as well.

All that is really required is a garbage bag. I limit myself to a single bag so as to not make it "work" and find myself actually looking forward to the weekly trek. It is interesting to visit the same sites on a regular basis and note the changes with rain, the hurricane and with the change in temperature.

I sent e-mail to Harford County Parks and Recreation to have the larger material, a tire and some construction debris, removed and have to give them credit in doing so with a day.