Palmer State Park via Lochary Road

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Nov, '99

Location. At the end of an extension off Lochary Road on the south ridge overlooking Deer Creek. Lochary Road is off Forge Hill Road. An extension having no name extends to the boundary of Palmer State Park. ADC Map 11, Coords F8.


An extension of Lochary Road dead ends at an abandonded farm and I parked in the former driveway. I did not have a great deal of time and simply explored the general area. It appears there are many good hiking possibilities here.

A woods road appears to continue south east across a meadow and into the woods and I assume proceeds down the ridge to Deer Creek.

There is a also a well defined defined path which proceeds north through a meadow in transisition which then turns east into the woods and then along a well defined road down toward Deer Creek. The fields associated with the large farms off Priestford Road on the north side of Deer Creek are visible in the distance.

There is also a woods road which runs generally north - south along the woods line.

The abandoned dwelling is a modest two story frame structure. Parts of the outter covering have been removed exposing the beam like construction which is quite different than the stud construction commonly used today. There are a number of modest out buildings and I assume this was typical of small farms in the area.


There is an old home on Lochary Road which is of a very distinct architecture which I believe is known as a "four-square". There is also a beautiful stone structure.