Mason Dixon Trail, Lapidum North to Rock Run

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Sept, '00

Location. Parallel to Stafford Road (and Susquehanna River) from Lapidum to Rock Run in the Susquehanna State Park. ADC Map Page 13, Coord H10 to Coord F8.


Adequate parking is available at the corner or Stafford and Lapidum Roads.

The Mason Dixon Trail, blazed in blue, is accessed by hiking some 200 feet up Lapidum Road. Note that in this area, three trails follow the same route and thus there are three sets of blazes; blue, red and white.

The trail climbs steeply winding along the terraces of the ruins of an old hotel and immediately offers good views of the Susquehanna River and Port Deposit and meanders to the west into a mature oak forest.

At 800 feet, the trail forks with the white blazes to the left and the blue and red blazes to the right. Follow the blue blazes.

At 2000 feet, the trail crosses a small stream. At 2300 feet there is a good overlook to the north. The trail crosses is a massive stone wall at 3000 feet and looking at the difficult terrain, one wonders why and how anyone ever worked this land. At 3600 feet there are stone ruins on the left side near a wooden fence.

The trail hugs the side of the hillside with some rather steep drops and descends to Stafford road at 5200 feet quite near Rock Run.

As the weather was quite warm, I opted to return to my car by hiking south on Stafford Road. However, I believe the white blazed trail begins near the mansion at Rock Run and might be used as an alternative.