Harford County Hiking - Kilgore Falls and Vicinity

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Mar, '99


Kilgore Falls is accessible off Falling Branch Road. ADC page 3, Coords D6.

The entrance is a driveway to a private residence which is now used by the Maryland DNR staff. A sign identifying the site is posted on Falling Branch Road.

This is a popular site and parking is limited to about eight vehicles. Falling Branch Road is a narrow dirt road and it would be hard to find parking and be sure you are safely off the road.

This property was acquired as a result of students at Northern Harford High School. It is now administered as a part of Rocks State Park.


From the parking lot, the trail proceeds across a short pedestrian bridge and through a pleasant meadow paralleling the Falling Branch of Deer Creek. There are many opportunities to access the water. It is interesting to see how a stream meanders thou gh a meadow.

The trail enters the woods which is a mix of hardwoods and hemlocks. There are good views of substantial ruins on the opposite side of the Branch. The trail crosses two short bridges to the falls which are impressive. The drop is nominally 17 feet. I was last there in March and all of the cliffs were covered with thousands of icicles. (There really is no best time for hiking. All times are good).

The adventuresome and young climb the cliff to the top of the falls and cross the stream to the higher cliff. I'm sure I could get up, but would be a bit concerned about getting down in one piece.

copyright, Amy Newcomb. This excellent photograph was taken by Amy Newcombe.

There is safer approach. Near one of the bridges, there is an obvious trail up the steep bank. This joins with a trail which skirts along the tops of the cliffs and ultimately leads to the falls.

I went further, to the top of the hill and picked up a trail which leads to a cornfield in a BG&E high voltage transmission line right of way which is northern limit of the park's property. Prior to acquisition of this property by the State, it is my und erstanding that hikers approached the falls via this right of way.

Back to the main trail along the stream. I was tempted to ford the stream to the ruins on the opposite bank but it was mighty cold. But, this might be easily done in warmer weather and it would be interesting to work back to Falling Bridge Road using th e route which was originally used to access these strutures.

The Park property is rectangular in shape and extends east beyond the furthest point in the meadow suggesting opportunities for a good many explorations.

Falling Bridge Road

Although I didn't walk it, Falling Branch Road to Red Bridge Road to Eden Mills would be a nice hike. Both are dirt roads.

Fawn Grove Road at the Bridge Across Deer Creek.

On the down stream side of the bridge, there is a substantial and well used turn in which provides access to Deer Creek and one can scramble downstream some distance. There is obvious recent beaver activity in this area. (In addition to the tell tale ea ting of trees, look for "slides", trails left by beavers as they slide down a mud bank into the creek).