Rocks State Park at Hidden Valley

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Sept, '99

Location. Intersection of Carea and Telegraph Roads at Deer Creek. ADC Map Page 2, Coords E8.


Note that this area is administered by Rocks State Park. Very few people use this beautiful facility.

Adequate parking is available off Carea Road near the Deer Creek bridge.

From the parking lot a trail runs upstream on the north side of the creek at times closely hugging a rock out croppings on the north side.

About one quarter mile upstream the creek takes a sharp turn and a short side trail leads to the creek. This is an interesting and very pleasant place with a substantial stand of hemlocks on the opposite bank, more typical of Quebec than of Maryland.

The trail continues upstream to a breath taking area along the creek with a substantial cliff with large hemlocks.

I have not attempted to continue further upstream.

On one occasion I hiked up around the cliff, quite difficult and a bit frightening and scrambled along the top of the hill back to Carea Road.