Harford County Maryland Hiking - Susquehanna State Park, Fox Road

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Apr, '00

Location. At the eastern end of Fox Road just beyond Deer Creek Estates. ADC Map 13, Coords A9.

Adequate Parking is available at this dead end.


Recent ADC Maps show this hike as a "road" extending northerly along the west side of Elbow Branch and then deep into the Susquehanna State Park. However, the road has been abandoned for some time and makes for a very pleasant stroll.

From the point where Fox Road dead ends, proceed north along a well defined woods road. The first part can be quite damp with many puddles but the road climbs gently along side of the Elbow Branch (of Deer Creek) and then veers north westerly to follow a small feeder stream.

The woods road continues to climb, crosses the small stream and climbs alongside a large meadow to the east.

I went to the top of the summit and a bit beyond to a point where a number of woods roads converge. There is a power line right away at this point which I assume services the private home near the Stump Cemetary (ADC 13, A7). I thne returned via the same road.


The Susquehanna State Park is a massive parcel and this appears to be about the best point to enter the western portion of the park. Possibilities for the future include working north to Deer Creek and then following Deer Creek down stream to Craigs Corner Road and also following the Elbow Branch to Craigs Corner Road.