Dublin United Methodist Church

Location. Route 136 (Whiteford Road) just south of Route 440 (Dublin Road). ADC Map 11, Coords H1.


Adequate parking is available at the church.

The church itself is stone built in 1939. I assume it replaced an earlier structure.

The adjacent cemetary which appears to have been primarily used in the last half of the 19th century is worth a stroll. Most of the stones are local to the Lapidum area which tend to grow a lichen making the reading of the inscriptions difficult but not impossible. The earliest grave I noted was 1847.

An item of interest is the diversity of the shape of the stones and the symbols. An interesting project would be to note the symbols used as a function of time and perhaps note people's perception of death at different times.

I noted two graves that proudly proclaimed service in the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) during the Civil War. But, I also noted many graves which indicated males who were certainly of military age who apparently did not serve. Considering the amount of manpower used in the Civil War, this seems strange and may reflect the ambivalance of Maryland toward the war.

South of Maryland, its hard to find a county seat without a monument commemorating the fallen Confederates and similarly, to the North, the fallen Yanks, but there is a conspicuous absence of such memorials in Maryland.