Maryland 161 just south of US 1. ADC Map 12, Coords G3.


This is more of a pleasant half hour stroll than a hike.

Points of interest include the Deer Creek Quaker Meeting house, north of Darlington near Route 1, Grace Episcopal, south of Darlington on 161 and the intersection of 161 and Shuresville Road.

The Quaker Meeting House is a simple and yet beautifully proportioned stone structure with a slate roof and a through the roof chimney on each side with simple windows with shutters. An adjacent cemetary is well maintained with stones of local granite and slate dating from 1802 to 1905. There may well be older and newer as many of the stones are covered with moss making reading somewhat difficult.

There is also wooden outbuilding, presumably for temporarily protecting carriages. Construction is 12 inch X 12 inch beams with a cedar shingle roof covered with moss. The building is interesting in that in the not so distant past people used horses for transportation which required shelter and the shelters have pretty much gone the way of latrines.

South of the village is Grace Episcopal, an ornate stone structure. It is interesting to compare the simplicity of the meeting house with this.

Near the intersection of Darlington and Shuresville Roads there are many old stone buildings with slate roofs and usually an antique and country store. The sidewalk along Shuresville Road is slate, presummably quarried in the Whiteford and Peach Bottom areas.

Darlington hosts a yearly apple festival, usually the first weekend in October.