Mason Dixon Trail, Broad Creek North to Susquehanna Hall Road

copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Sept, '99

Location. Parallel to Flintville Road. ADC Map Page 6, Coord A5 to ADC Map Page 5, Coord J4.


This is a pleasant hike from Broad Creek, north, parallel to Flintville Road to a point near Susquehanna Hall Road. It is a combination of a stream, mature hardwood forests, fields in transition over grown with vines and stands of white pines. Most of this portion of the trail is within the bounds of the Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation and although quite close to Flintville Road, it is very lightly used.

Parking is available on the north side of the Flintville Road bridge across Broad Creek.

Follow the white blazes, north up Flintville Road to a small turnin (0.2 miles). The trail enters the woods and immediately crosses a small stream and proceeds up hill in a mature hardwood forest. This is a very pleasant area and I have always observed a number of deer along this portion of the trail.

Note that the limits of the Scout Reservation are marked with dark blue blazes.

At (0.3) miles a number of Scout trails converge with green, orange, red and the familiar blue blazes. Follow the blue blazes which coincide with the red for the remainder of this hike.

At (0.4) miles the trail crosses a dirt road.

The trails crests at (0.7 miles) and proceeds north east down hill along an abandoned but well defined woods road and at (0.8) miles enters a small open meadow heavily overgrown with vines. The trail enters a white pine plantation at (0.9) miles, crosses a driveway at (1.0) miles and continuees through the pines to the driveway of a home (1.2 miles) at 4462 Flintville Road. From here the Mason Dixon Trail continues north along Flintville Road to Tabernacle Road North to the Maryland State Line.

I returned to my vehicle at Broad Creek via Flintville Road which is primarily open fields (2.1 miles).


The Mason Dixon Trail continues north along Flintville Road and then Tabernacle Road North to the Maryland line. I had not planned to hike this as I dislike hiking on roads. However, in exploring it with my truck, Tabernacle Road North is a primitive dirt road through woods and fields and passes at least two working farms and is a good possibility for a pleasant stroll. In fact, one can make a circuit by taking Tabernacle north to Cooper Road which follows the Maryland state line and returns to Flintville Road.

On this hike, I followed the Mason Dixon trail into the Scout Reservation to the point where the Mason Dixon Trail intersects with several other trails and then proceeded north east along the trail marked with both blue and with red blazes. A number of years ago, I took the red blazes in the other direction and was quite impressed. I eventually came to a stream I could not cross and worked my way west through to the Order of the Arrow site to Susqhehanna Hall Road.