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Basic Atom Solderless Breadboard Development Kit with Basic Atom Interpreter.

Beats other development packages in providing plenty of room for painless prototyping. $64.95. Shipping $6.50. US Only.


Includes Basic Atom 28-terminal Interpreter, MAX232 RS232 interface, large solderless breadboard, serial cable and associated header, wall power unit, 5 VDC regulator to power peripherals, LED to monitor power, wire suitable for use with a solderless breadboard, wire strippers and documentation.

The Interpreter and the MAX232 interface is functionally the same as the the 24-pin Atom Module.

This is fully assembled and tested. All components including the Basic Atom interpreter are new. Unconditional guarantee.

The latest Atom documentation and software may be downloaded from the Basic Micro web site.

This provides everything you need to get started with the Basic Atom.