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(Dec 8, '11).

Began developing routines for the PIC16F1507. Used CCS C. Programmed using a PICKit 3. No debugger is currently available. I did not need to externally limit Vpp. This seems to be done by the PICKit.

(April 22, '11).

The following sample routines were developed for the PIC16F1827 Enhanced PIC using CCS C. They were debugged using an ICD2.

The PIC16F182x requires a Vpp of 8.0 - 9.0 VDC (vs 15 VDC) and it appears that most development tools provide nominally +12 VDC. Thus, a voltage limiter is required between the ICD and the target. I initially used a zener diode, but the Microchip AC164112 Voltage Limiter from Digikey ($10.00) is neater.

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