Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control

PC Parallel Port, BasicX, BASIC Stamp®, 68HC11, PIC®, PICAXE, Data Acquisition and Control

Peter H. Anderson 1946-2012

Associate Professor (Retired), Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Morgan State University


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The Amazing PICAXE

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the Arduino

Sourceboost C Programming

Serial LCD #117 Kit & Assembled Text LCDs

Serial Control and Measurement -- Below are Not For Sale.

Not For Sale.

PIC C Routines for the CCS C Compiler.

Eleven Frequency Precision Clock Kit

RS232 to Dallas OneWire Controller

Infrared Remote Control Decoder

Microchip PIC

Programming in PIC C

NetMedia BASIC-X and BASIC-X24



BasicX Mail List


CUBLOC. A far more powerful and yet much less expensive Stamp type device.

Parallax BASIC Stamp

Basic Atom

Atmel AVR

JK Micro Flashlite V25

Rabbit Semiconductor.

Protean Logic's TICkit62 - This was a major focus by undergraduate student Locksley Haynes during the Fall, '97 semester. Locksley was funded and the materials he used were made possible by a grant from the XEROX Corporation.

the Tiny Tiger - This appears to be an extremely powerful processor. This effort was undertaken by undergraduate student Krystal Donald during the Fall, '97 semester.

Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition - Volume 1

Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition - Volume 2

Volume 2 is a follow on effort by undergraduate electrical engineering students Towanda Malone, Christine Samuels and Paul Roach and myself. This became known as the Rochanda Project, where Rochanda is a concatenation of Roach, Christine and Towanda. As you might guess, the name Rochanda was Towanda's idea!

Parallel Port Interfacing with 2, 3 and 4 Wire Serial Devices

Other Parallel Port Resources

68HC11 Assembly Language Programming

C Programming

Digital Electronics - EEGR-463


Engineering Ethics

Search Engines



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